Amy Bernstein
Perry Doane
Michelle Liccardo

March 14–April 12, 2015

Opening Reception

Saturday, March 14, 2015
6:00–10:00 PM


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Carl & Sloan Contemporary is pleased to announce our first exhibition, Testable Predictions. A group exhibition of paintings and sculpture; featuring Amy Bernstein, Perry Doane and Michelle Liccardo.

The first essential step of the scientific method is a “testable prediction.” It all begins with a discovery, an insight, a thought. This is followed by the creation of a hypothesis, an educated guess. Finally, a series of experiments are conducted with the ultimate goal of generating a factual outcome to reject or modify the hypothesis.

The artists in Testable Predictions follow a similar path of discovery. The catalyst may be material or immaterial. An idea, a hunch, an itch to scratch. Then an exploratory move or action redefines the original idea. Reducing its complexity to its most basic elements.

However, this is where the analogy diverts from the scientific method. Rather than clear and defined, the outcome is amorphous. The repeated experiments are catalogued in colorful visual notes by Amy Bernstein, reductive screenprints by Perry Doane, and sculptures consisting of more negative space than positive by Michelle Liccardo.

This is not the work of mad scientists. Each artist calculates every detail. Their intention and approach is left on each mark and surface. They purposely test the restraints and freedoms of form and color, or lack thereof. The outcome is a formalist piece of evidence filled with personal abstractions of choices, politics, opinions and even the unseen. 

Testable Predictions opens March 14, 2015 and will run until April 12. For more information, please contact the gallery.

Amy Bernstein

Amy Bernstein is an artist and writer who lives and works in Portland, Oregon. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Bernstein relocated to the northeast to study painting at the Rhode Island School of Design. Since graduating, she has lived in various locales such as Austin, Texas and Berlin, Germany, yet feels most at home on the west coast, where the coffee is strong and the waves are big.

Perry Doane

Perry Doane is an interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Portland, Oregon and received a Masters of Fine Arts from Portland State University in 2014. His work examines technology, American institutions, class and the idea of the individual. He has most recently exhibited at Ditch Projects in Springfield, OR and Fourteen30 in Portland, OR.

Michelle Liccardo

Michelle Liccardo’s work has been included in exhibitions at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, de Young, The Arts Center in Corvallis, ROCKSBOX CONTEMPORARY FINE ART, RECESS and Disjecta Contemporary Art Center of Portland. In 2010 she produced work for Nanda D’Agostino’s public art project, Intellectual Ecosystem, installed at Portland State University. In 2014 she was chosen for the GLEAN Artist Fellowship, sponsored by Recology, Cracked Pots and Portland Metro. In her studio practice she produces paintings, ceramic sculpture and objects in a variety of media.